Ibiza – Overview

Ibiza’s history is one of constant settlement: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Moors have all left their mark. And those ruined towers strung out along the cliff tops? They were used to spot pirates in the 16th century.

So just what it is that makes Ibiza so irresistible? The Phoenicians thought it had magic soil; the hippies who came here in the 1960s believed it had a ‘special energy’ (something to do with ley lines).  But we think it’s down to the island’s sheer beauty. Scattered with dense pine forests and olive and almond groves, and fringed by more than 80 beaches and coves, Ibiza also boasts two National Parks. Ses Salinas, which covers hundreds of acres of land and sea between the island and neighbouring Formentera, and the island nature reserves of es Vedrà, es Vedranel and the islets to the west.

Ibiza is also an island steeped in legend: es Vedrà is said, variously, to be the tip of the sunken city of Atlantis, the spot from which the Sirens tried to lure Odysseus from his ship, and the home of a cave-dwelling giant. What is sure is that there’s so much more to this island than its vibrant nightlife. Of course, if you want to dance till dawn and beyond, you can do that too. 

Learn more about Ibiza from our experts, discover the island's holistic side, or find out about taking a twin-centre holiday with Mallorca.


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Ibiza – Location & Map


Ibiza – Villas


Can Skye

  • Ibiza, 7 bedrooms/sleeps 14
  • Spacious Balinese design
  • Wifi, air-conditioned

Can Bo

  • Ibiza, 6 bedrooms/sleeps 12 (main house and casita)
  • Newly-renovated stylish villa
  • Countryside setting close to beach and Ibiza Town
  • Wifi, air-conditioned, Sky TV

Can Colina

  • Ibiza, 6 bedrooms/sleeps 12
  • Secluded family property 
  • Close to Ibiza Town and beaches
  • Wifi and air-conditioned 

Can Colorida

  • Ibiza, 6 bedrooms/sleeps 12
  • Modern family property
  • Close to beaches and beach restaurants
  • Wifi and air-conditioned  


Can Jardin

  • Ibiza, 5 bedrooms/sleeps 10
  • Family villa
  • Beautiful sea views, 5 minutes from beaches
  • Wifi and Sky TV

Can Meloso

  • Ibiza, 6 bedrooms/sleeps 12
  • Spacious stylish design
  • Restaurants 5 min drive 
  • Wifi, air-conditioned, cinema room

Can Valuz

  • Ibiza, 6 bedrooms/sleeps 12
  • Elegant and built to the highest standards
  • Rural setting, walking distance to beach and restaurants
  • Wifi, air-conditioned, finger print entry system

Casa Blanco

  • Ibiza, 5 bedrooms/sleeps 10
  • Impressive, well designed property
  • Quiet countryside location close to beach and San Jose
  • Wifi, air-conditioned, Satellite TV

Villa Buddha

  • Ibiza, 5 bedrooms/sleeps 10
  • Stylish and funky
  • In secluded grounds
  • Wifi, air-conditioned, Satellite TV
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Ibiza – Regions


The largest of the Baleric Islands, Mallorca has a glamorous style, with quaint rural villages and picturesque towns standing shoulder-to-shoulder with chic marinas, sandy coves and űber-luxurious resorts. It is very much a tale of two sides: the Anglicised 'Majorca' and the traditional Spanish 'Mallorca'.

Ibiza – Our Guide

Famous for decades as Europe’s summer playground, Ibiza continues to attract the international A-listers, celebrity DJ’s and dedicated clubbers for which it is best known, but it is surprisingly easy to step away from the party circuit and discover an altogether more peaceful side to the White Island.

Ibiza is just 15 miles wide and 50 miles long, with around eighty beaches to choose from along its 210km coastline. Party people tend to follow, well, other party people, so away from the well-known nightlife hotspots there are idyllic, secluded coves, a beautiful rural interior and the Unesco-listed Dalt Vila to explore.

Ibiza – History & Culture

The Town of Evissa

Ibiza’s history is a long one. The Island has changed hands many times over the years, and these cultural influences can be felt in the carnival-esque spirit of the people, and the scattering of diverse landmarks across the largely rural landscape.

Civilisation dates back 3000 years to 1600 B.C, and the town of Eivissa is thought to be one of the oldest in Europe. Since the first Phoenician settlers arrived and set themselves up as salt merchants, the Island was conquered by the Romans with the infamous cry of ‘Carthage must be destroyed’ before being taken over by the Barbarians and the Byzantines after the decline of the Roman Empire.


Next, during a 500 year invasion of the Arabs, a mosque was built on top of Ibiza Town hill, which stood proudly over the city until the Catalans conquered the island in 1235, replaced it with a cathedral and stamped their presence onto the island by naming their villages after Christian saints.

Ibiza is also known for being the more rebellious of the Balearic Islands; there is even a monument to the pirate (or ‘Corsair’) Antoni Riquer Arabi in Ibiza Town, the vigilante honoured for defending the island from thieves. It’s no surprise that non-conformist hippies flocked to the island in the 1960s to enjoy the laid back, almost pagan lifestyle along the beach front that still lives strong in Ibizan culture today.

Monument to Antoni Riquer Arabi in Ibiza Town

Ibiza – Climate

Summer season begins in May with temperatures up to 20°c

Ibiza’s summer season generally begins in May, with daytime temperatures rising to around 20°C.

Temperatures for the year peak in July and August, averaging at 26°c, with plenty of sunshine, and occasionally push into the 30°c range. The night-time temperature rarely falls below 20°c making for warm evenings often with welcome sea breezes.


Very little rainfall occurs between the months of June and August, but as temperatures begin to tail off into September, the chance of rainfall increases.

October can see temperatures drop to around 17°c with the possibility of rainy and windy days, though the winter months rarely sink below around 15°c. From November through to April the rainfall becomes more frequent but, according to the locals, it never rains for more than three days at a time!

July and August average 26°c

Ibiza – Activities

Ses Salines

First and foremost a beach destination, Ibiza offers myriad water-based activities to complement idle hours spent lazing on its stunning white sands. Motorised options include jet-skiing and parasailing, or for a gentler way to explore there are sea kayaks and SUP’s, plus windsurfing, kite surfing and diving in the many underwater caves. On land the pine forests, hill-top hamlets and rocky mountains offer lots of opportunities for exploration either on foot, by bike or on horse-back.

Ibiza Town is a cosmopolitan centre full of shops, bars and restaurants, which also shelters the Dalt Villa (High Town), a Unesco-listed site of great architectural and historical interest.



Ibiza has two noteworthy national parks; Ses Salinas and Es Vedrà. Ses Salinas National Park, lies between southern Ibiza and northern Formentera and is home to hundreds of species of birds, marine life, reptiles and plants, along with the surreal Posidonia Oceanica underwater meadows and the sparkling stretch of ancient salt flats.

Es Vedrà is a 400m high turret of limestone lying off the south west coast of Ibiza. The area is part of the Cala d’Hort nature reserve inhabited by wild goats, but Es Vedrà is best known for the legends surrounding it, with imaginative claims that the rock is home to the sirens and sea nymphs encountered by the Greek king Ulysses, or that it is the tip of the sunken city of Atlantis.

Es Vedrà at sunset

Ibiza – Feasts & Festivals

Ibiza towns and villages come alive during festivals

Ibiza is not shy when it comes to celebrating; its diary of fiestas spans the entire calendar with saints-day festivities occurring throughout the year. Towns and villages come alive with colourful processions of music, dancing, games, fireworks and feasts as over twenty patron saints each have their day, or even week, of revelry.

Along with centuries-old traditions celebrating the saints, Ibiza also has a number of modern day festivals and events showcasing the heritage and culture of the island including the Es Cana Festival in July, a huge community event full of street parties, feasting and live music.       


The Medieval Festival in May is a celebration of Ibizan culture in the streets of Dalt Vila, complete with medieval entertainers, artisan food stalls and jewellery stands as well as jugglers, jesters, acrobats and clowns in elaborate costumes wandering the city walls.

The Urban in Ibiza fiesta is a critically acclaimed art exhibition feautring some of Europe’s most prominent artists, including Banksy and Goldie, and innovative visual and audio displays linked up online to communities across the globe.

Fireworks are a must at many fiestas

Ibiza – Food & Drink

White meat fish rarely available in the UK

Authentic Ibizan cuisine is enriched by the Mediterranean tradition of salting and drying meat, which produces many fine sausages such sobresada and butifarra, plus the use of vinegar and aromatic spices to flavour the dishes. Not surprisingly, fish is the key ingredient of many local specialities, along with a wide variety of shellfish, squid and octopus. The fertile rural interior is a further source of distinctive ingredients, including almonds, wild asparagus and mushrooms.


So valuable are these gastronomic traditions, the Ibiza Government has introduced legislation to safeguard the production of organic, artisanal food in a campaign that promotes and supports its growth. There are a few small wine producers on the island, but for a typical Ibizan drink, try the fragrant Hierbas Ibicencas, a digestif which is meant to contain 18 different plants, the strongest flavours being aniseed, lemon, orange and thyme.


Ibiza – For Families

Warm shallow waters are great for children and snorkelling

Ibiza’s laid back culture is perfect for families, whether you are looking for a traditional beach holiday or the chance to combine soaking up the sunshine with a few leisurely water sports.

For adventurous families, Ibiza is a prime diving location with many PADI qualified instructors to guide you through the surreal underwater hollows of the Pillars of Hercules and the Caves of Light, and perhaps even encounter a dolphin or two. The warm waters off Ibiza are ideal for water sports too.


Most beaches have kiosks for renting banana boat and pedaloes. Wind surfing, kite surfing, jet-skiing, parasailing and kayaking facilities can also be found across the island, along with glass bottom boat tours for observing the sea bed as you cruise around Las Salinas Nature Park, Cala Jondal and the rocky Es Vedra.

On shore, children can burn energy off at the water parks or explore the unspoilt countryside of the interior. When dusk falls, there are numerous child friendly restaurants and sunset bars, where parents can enjoy a quiet drink while the little ones enjoy the relative cool of the evening to play.

Boat trips and watersports are great for all the family

Ibiza – For Couples

Upmarket Marinas

Everybody knows Ibiza is world-famous for its bars, restaurants and nightclubs. However, Ibiza also has a magic and beauty often overshadowed by its club scene that is perfect for a romantic getaway. The walls of Dalt Vila become softly illuminated at night and offer a number of speciality restaurants to dine at, whilst Marina Botafoch is host to a number of upmarket venues among the millionaire yachts docked up at the harbour perfect for after dinner drinks.

There are many low-key sunset beach bars, but if you prefer your own company, it’s not hard to find a private cliff-side vantage point to sit back and enjoy nature’s daily theatrical highlight.


The ancient Phoenician ritual of the sunset, when women would gather on the coast to worship the protector goddess Tanit, still inspires Ibizan folklore, so head for Es Vedra to watch the sun disappear behind the mystical limestone rock that, according to legend, is the holy island of the Phoenician goddess Tanit herself.

Ibiza is a perfect place to try some alternative treatments. The Island has become a ‘healing haven’: from Reiki practitioners and massage therapists to yoga and detox retreats, holistic therapy is very popular, with a focus on non-invasive therapies to help soothe your mind, body and soul.

Romantic sunsets